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To a new beginning

To be fully and irrevocably alive to this moment is an act of authenticity, and in that aliveness we discover those vast spaces in which we can listen without judgment, act without hesitation, live without fear, and love without expectation. This is the grand paradox of time: to change the future, one must first attend […]

Are we being good ancestors?

“In the realm of human consciousness the highest and most sophisticated form of self-regulation is based on our ability to see ahead”, wrote Jonas Salk, the pioneer of the polio vaccine in his book, “Anatomy of Reality”. Using the ability to see ahead as a springboard to transforming the present, is what great leaders do. […]

Clever but Hollow

At a workshop with the top management of a well-known Fortune 500 bank, I made the following proposition to the CEO and his team: if they were to quit their current roles and be given capital enough to start a new bank, would the new bank resemble the one they were leading? The answer was […]

Attention Deficit Leadership

Attention, or rather the lack of it, is fast becoming a leadership challenge for the 21st century. Exponentially growing information, the constant threat of disruption, and an inter-connected world in the palm of our hands brings huge benefits but there is a price to be paid. That price is our ability to attend to what […]

How consistent is your personal narrative?

Two highly successful C-suite executives worked in the same company, let’s call them X and Y. Both were corporate stars and had risen to the very top of their professions. The company’s Board, the analysts and customers all thought they were both terrific. They each could confidently discuss their successful careers and leadership abilities. But […]

The Social Leader

Welcome to the Social Age. An age of globally connected networks where continuous disruption is the norm; where information is increasingly produced and consumed through social media; and where agility replaces every other parameter of success. Two momentous events define the Social Age: one, Google will be 16 this year, taking it another step closer […]

The Inner Theatre of Leadership

I began a quest ten years ago for the source of leadership. Despite the abundance of leadership theories and literature available, I did not have an answer to one key question: where does leadership originate? I was looking for answers that went beyond what we refer to as leadership skills, competencies and behaviors and reached […]

Great Leaders Move From Intention to Impact

A powerful intention coalesces our thinking, belief and emotions around the transformation we want to create. It focuses the direction of our efforts and helps chart the way forward. Intention is a deeply subjective mindset arising out of a personal story, which becomes a platform for change and transformation. Impact, however, happens in the external […]

Failure to Empathize

The National Health Service in the UK launched a new service this week called NHS 111, asking citizens to call the number 111, “if it is less urgent than 999”. It further goes on to say on the website: “Call 111 if: you need urgently need medical help or advice but its not a life-threatening […]

Play, Passion and Purpose

I began writing a piece early this morning on the failure of leadership development within so many of our organizations and how woefully out of sync it is with what is really needed in our increasingly interconnected, complex and globalized workplaces. The three headlines that describe the failure of so many leadership development programs are: […]

The Source of Leadership

What governs human actions and behavior, what motivates us to lead well, and what creates meaningful change in the world? So I began my search for the generative source of leadership. To begin with, I started from a position in which I refused to define leadership. I didn’t want to do that for two reasons: […]

Why Leaders Must Learn to Think

Every now and then I get a quizzical look and am asked to explain how I wandered from Quantum Physics into Leadership. It was actually a half-open backdoor that got me in there. Looking back over thirty years, what Quantum Physics did was get me interested in the way we think, the way we perceive […]

What Drives Leadership

Sudhanshu Palsule talks about his concept of “selfware”, which is like an operating system of thinking, feeling, and believing that drives leadership.