Sudhanshu Palsule

Client Testimonials

“Sudhanshu blends his knowledge of science, business and psychology into a unique and valuable perspective on leadership. This multi-disciplinary approach is just what's needed to solve today's more complex problems. His passion is also refreshing and contagious.”

Mike Canning
CEO, Duke Corporate Education, Durham, USA


"Sudhanshu has a terrific reputation as a great leadership faculty, and his programs have had a transformational impact on many of the learners."

Ajit Rangnekar
Dean, Indian School of Business, India


"Sudhanshu Palsule has run many, varied leadership programs for the Top Management at Kemira. The feedback has always been excellent. A professional and inspiring person, he is the best facilitator that I have experienced in my career."

Harri Kerminen
President and CEO, Kemira OyJ, Finland


“Sudhanshu has been working with us on our United Nations Leadership Program for a number of years. He is consistently rated as our top speaker and is one of the best communicators we have ever had on our courses. His psychological and philosophical approach to Leadership is always much appreciated as is his debunking of many leadership myths.

Sudhanshu is a real ‘educator’ in the true sense of the word, which means ‘to draw out’; he manages to involve our UN leaders in a true Socratic dialogue around leadership. Our UN leaders find him intellectually challenging and inspiring and they take that back with them to their teams all over the world.”

Malcolm Goodale
United Nations


"Sudhanshu was my coach and mentor in my most critical years of developing as leader. I was pretty young, I got my first country manager role and participated at the very first regional operating council meeting where all my colleagues were much more senior, older and experienced then me. It was a very intimidating experience. I felt that I would never walk like them, talk like them, or look like them. It seemed to me that I had to pursue a huge list of changes to my leadership style and behavior to be able to qualify in the new top management league. Of course, that was confusing, frustrating and my self- confidence was diluting each day. I was very lucky to meet Sudhanshu in one of our management programs and I asked him: “I wish you could help me become more like them”.

He simply answered: "Don't. All you need is to be yourself. Now, let's discover together what is it in you that would inspire other people to want to talk or walk like you do." He helped me tremendously as a person and as a leader. Sudhanshu has the unique ability to capture and boost the talent, creativity, inner energy and commitment in a person or in teams. He works on discovering and developing what makes each individual different and what is the unique, meaningful value that one can offer to the organization, community or just our dear ones."

Angela Cretu
Group Vice-President, Avon Products


"A defining quality of great leadership is the ability to step back at the right time. That requires enormous courage, humility, and mastery. Nothing else comes close to this ability".