To a new beginning

To be fully and irrevocably alive to this moment is an act of authenticity, and in that aliveness we discover those vast spaces in which we can listen without judgment, act without hesitation, live without fear, and love without expectation. This is the grand paradox of time: to change the future, one must first attend to the present. Like the oak is held in the acorn, the future is held in the present.

So, as the year draws to a close and brings that brief sense of slowing down, instead of thinking of what the future holds in store, can we ask “what does the present hold in store for us?” Can we look for ways to disrupt the momentum of the life we have chosen that keeps us hurtling from one thing to another, giving scant attention to the present? Only then can we become simpler in the choices we make. Only then can we make time for the ordinary. Only then can we attend to our conversations as though they were our last act in this world. Only then can we slow down until we begin to live the moments.

Then, we shall have the possibility of a different kind of life. One in which we have more time and less to worry about; in which, our actions emerge out of the depths of who we are, rather than what we think we ought to be. Then we shall discover the significance and meaning of what we are being called upon to do.

Wishing you a great start to a new beginning…